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Easily Integrated. Constantly Connected.

Forms InMotion integrates easily with your existing workflow and keeps you connected to your most important LOB systems so that your enterprise never misses a beat. Upon form submission, data is securely passed to your core business systems via an API integration or a standard XML file, along with all needed attachments, certificates and meta data. It’s that easy.

Get More From Your Data.

Forms InMotion allows you to leverage one application across your entire enterprise and integrates easily with your ECM or other LOB systems. With Forms InMotion, the possibilities are virtually limitless:

Secure API allow you to connect to other LOB systems behind your firewall
XML and CSV output integrates easily with HRIS, ERP, ECM and other LOB systems
Email output to notify your team of new submissions
PDF output keeps data intact so forms can be ingested into document management systems or printed if necessary
Supporting files (like images and digital signature certificates) are placed with PDF and XML files for use by other applications
Active Directory authentication for added security
Standard HTML forms provide for an infinite number of possible data integrations
Robust API integrations possible through our Professional Services team
Multiple Form Input
Forms In Motion App
Productivity in Your Palm.

Ready to make the work-from-anywhere mentality a reality? The Forms InMotion app allows you to extend enterprise form management to your favorite smart phone or tablet and stay productive even when you’re on the go. Not only can you access all your business forms from your phone or tablet, you can empower your team to get the work done whether they’re on the road, at home or anywhere in between.

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