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Self Service Kiosk Service Software

Streamline Customer Service and Constituent Experience

If you hate lines, a self-service kiosk with KeyMark’s Forms InMotion software can augment your front-line counter staff by taking the burden of simple paper-based or transactional tasks, so they can focus on more complex issues. Not only will it save you time, it will save your constituents and customers time as well, ultimately turning a frustrating and dreadful interaction into a delightful customer experience.Kiosk Software Services

Built-in document scanning functionality for document drop-off
Printing, scanning, and uploading
Push updates and new forms to any of your kiosks
Access forms through your website or smartphone
Integration with your other business systems
Securely connected to your data sources
Rugged construction for unattended public access
Confirmation receipts

Kiosk Solutions Video

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