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Forms InMotion v2.6.2 Release Now Available

This release consists of bug fixes and improvements, along with some new features.

New Features

  • You can create up to 2 notification emails for each package that will be sent on submission. The emails can be configured to include submitted forms, attachments and any data that was entered on a form.
  • You can specify a message to display as an alert when a package is opened in the client.
  • You can specify a message to display upon successful submission of a package.
  • Package configuration can be exported/imported. This allows an easier way to move between development and production environments, or copying an existing package for modification within the same environment.
  • Each field on a form can now have an unique configuration to allow it to be required. This works for all form types.
  • Individual signature fields can be configured to be required before submission.
  • Individual signature fields can be locked so only specific users can sign.
  • Package submissions can now be saved to Dropbox.

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