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Forms InMotion v2.5.1 Release

This release consists of bug fixes and improvements, along with some new features.

New Features

  • Public Access functionality allows you to embed form on public websites. Users can fill and submit the forms without having to log into the application.
  • When you open a form and start entering fields, the application will periodically save itself. If your session is interrupted, you can easily pick it back up from the Saved Packages area.
  • Attachments and Annotations can be enabled or disabled on a form.
  • API for an attachments button on custom HTML forms.
  • API for a submit button on custom HTML forms.
  • A new Conditional Display option to allow a form to be shown or hidden based on input from another form.
  • CSV output has been enabled as a form option.
  • Submissions now include an IP Address in the XML output.
  • System Administrators can reassign Saved or Forwarded forms on the server to other users.

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