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Automate Employee Onboarding with Forms InMotion

Forms InMotion enables an employee to complete all of their onboarding forms in a single session. One “package” delivers all of your separate forms—your organization’s forms, federal forms, state forms, benefits forms—in all of the electronic or paper formats that you need.

Forms InMotion allows an administrator to add your organization’s library of existing HTML and fillable PDF forms into the application. Then, they can set up relationships between similar fields on their forms, so any data entered on a form can be passed to related fields on other forms in the package. A new employee can then complete these forms, utilizing form-to-form autofill functionality, to streamline the process and reduce redundant data entry.

For distributed teams, Forms InMotion provides a centralized administration portal, ensuring that the forms your hiring teams use are always up-to-date. Whenever a form change occurs, you can update the form package with the new form, and all users get the updated forms right away. You no longer worry about out-of-date forms being filled out during onboarding processes.

Using Custom HTML Forms

Going one step further, KeyMark can help you create customized smart forms with external data lookups and validations. These custom forms can perform functions like preventing benefit selections that aren’t valid (such as employee+spouse benefits when the employee has stated that they are not married), or calculating benefit amounts on the fly based on the employee’s selections.

Back-end System Integration and Automation

Forms InMotion can also integrate with services such as E-Verify to validate employment eligibility or background check services. Many useful third-party systems have APIs that can be leveraged to streamline the onboarding process for your HR team.

When an onboarding package is submitted, Forms InMotion provides a copy of all of the filled PDF forms in the package, along with an XML file with all of the input values from all of the onboarding forms. Forms can also be printed, giving you the flexibility you need to send forms to other entities in the formats that they expect. The XML file can be integrated with many HRIS, ERP, ECM or other line-of-business systems. This means that your administrators spend less time setting up new employees in different systems.

Consolidate your HR onboarding process with Forms InMotion and enjoy these benefits:

  • Utilize existing forms, or create custom forms for your specific needs
  • Electronic signatures built-in
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry to optimize your user experience
  • Free up administrators to do other things
  • Centralized form management for streamlined version control
  • Data available in various outputs: xml, PDF or even paper
  • E-Verify integrated for streamlined verification of employment eligibility

Success Story: a Forms InMotion pilot program study analyzed the aggregate time savings for administrators through the employee onboarding process. Per new hire, administrators saved nearly 15 minutes by utilizing a customized HTML form in Forms InMotion. This organization hires nearly 300 new employees per year, so the total administration time saved will be 75 hours.

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